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    Filling The Void has served more than 215,000 sack lunches to the homeless, the hurting, the hungry and those who need healing. Here’s an Emmy Award-winning video about our journey.

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    We serve sack lunches to the homeless and needy that anyone would want, typically filled with an Arby’s or Chick-fil-A sandwich, snacks and a note of encouragement. Here’s our latest news.

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    The people we meet are desperate for more than a meal. They want hope. See how they’re crying out for help. We know. We’ve been working the streets for almost two decades, making history.

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    We intentionally look for those who have lost nearly everything — their hope, their jobs, their health, the places they called home. Here’s 5 more facts about our work.

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    We’re currently working on the streets in Tulsa, Denver, Dallas and Houston. We’ve also done preliminary work in 12 other cities. Here’s a link to our latest monthly report.

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    You can put a sack lunch and a message of hope into the hands of a stranger for just $3.49. That’s our current all-in cost for each lunch we serve. Click here to give.

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    “When Jesus saw the crowds, He was moved with compassion.” God’s love and non-discrimination are in our DNA. Everything we do is available to anyone in need.

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    Our volunteers love to extend a helping hand. Read why they serve then get involved, too. Send an inquiry to kelly@fillingthevoid.com to learn more.

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    Prayer is a powerful part of what we offer. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we’ve garnered two national awards for compassionate community service. Or maybe its because we collaborate with others.

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    When it came time to serve our 215,000th sack lunch, we gave the honor to Mark (left), who is homeless. And that’s not the only way we’ve seen the homeless give back to others.