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Hunger and homelessness know no bounds. We’re multiplying our ministry to the needy, with a goal of serving 1 million meals. See how we’re building a model to sustain our work for decades. It’s a critical shift from just “doing” to “developing.”


Wanna be a blessing? Help sponsor a meal and message of hope! You can put a sack like this into the hands of a stranger who needs to know how much they’re loved. Click here to start the process & designate which city you want to support.


Dallas volunteers Jennifer Leades and her best friend Nicole McGehee served our 120,000th meal on Saturday, Sept. 2. The big moment took place at a shelter in McKinney, TX, where we serve once a month. See our timeline since 2003.


That’s right! We have an upstart operation underway in Houston. We’ve done 15 outreaches this year in the Bayou City, serving 621 folks so far through new volunteers like Kirk Boudreaux (right).


That’s how many meals (260) we served on Aug. 25, making it our largest outreach ever. We remain on track to serve our 125,000th meal by the end of this year. Our latest monthly report tracks our progress.

meals & a message

The people we meet desperately want more than a meal. Need proof? Read this letter we received. We love serving sack lunches, but we know it’s the message of hope we share that has the power to change a person’s life.

life-change starts with lunch

Filling the Void is a faith-based 501(c)(3) mobile ministry that feeds the homeless and needy. Most of what we do occurs outside in all weather conditions as we reach out to people in desperate situations. Psalm 146:7 says, “He stands up for those who are beaten down. He gives food to hungry people. The Lord sets prisoners free.” We’re a spark that helps people go from meals to miracles.

it’s in the bag

PB&J? No way! We never make food at home. There are rules and regs against that. Everything we serve is (1) prepared in a commercial kitchen at a restaurant or shelter and (2) non-perishable. The primary staple in our sacks is an Arby’s or Chick-Fil-A sandwich, accompanied by bottled water, chips, cookies and an all-natural fruit bar purchased in bulk at big-box retailers.

just sayin’

Our motivation comes from Matthew 9:36. It says, “When Jesus saw the crowds, He was moved with compassion.” We are too. But before you go gettin’ the wrong idea, non-discrimination is part of our DNA. We spelled it out as a matter of policy. No one has to do a thing to receive a sack lunch. (Special thanks to the Denver Rescue Mission for their front-door signage).