Our mission is to lift up needy lives. We feed and care for people who are hungry, homeless, hurting or need healing.

We serve people where we find them – shaking their hands, learning their names, offering a sack lunch and prayer.

In a nutshell, we’re mobile, mission-minded and motivated by Matthew 9:36 where “Jesus saw the crowds and was moved with compassion.”

Think of us like a front door to hope, helping people hear about life-change and pointing them to agencies where they can receive in-depth support.

We refer people to places like Dallas Life, the John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa, the Salvation Army and the Denver Rescue Mission.

Since 2003, we have served 125,000+ meals. Recently, we served 16,784 meals in 2017, marking the third straight year we served at least 16,000 meals.

About 1/3 of those we serve are homeless. Another 1/3 live in shelters or temporary housing. The other 1/3 are simply just trying to get by and keep up with the bills.