The sack lunches you see in the picture are from Filling The Void alright, but those palm trees sure aren’t in Tulsa, Denver or Dallas.

They’re actually in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past several years, we logged more than 15,000 miles on the road. We visited several cities in the western U.S. and talked with other ministries, churches and shelters.

Coordinating with others across the U.S. increases our understanding about homelessness and sharpens the effectiveness of leading people into lasting life-change.

To date, we’ve served 1,186 meals over 18 outreaches in 6 prospective cities. All of this is designed to lay the groundwork for the future of Filling The Void.

During 2015, we visited Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego to do initial work in these cities.

We continue to look for contacts, connections and open doors. If you have an interest in starting or becoming an affiliate of Filling The Void, let’s talk.